We Build Africa in Ghana

In our very first blog post, we want to highlight some of the activities that we have organized before the launch of this website. In the future, we plan to update this section regularly with details of the events and programs that we provide. Please read for information on some of the recent activities of We Build Africa in Ghana!

8/26/20223 min read

Food for people

Our mission is to build sustainable and self-sufficient African communities by improving infrastructure and providing education. We empower the people to improve their lives, and to change the world.

While providing food for communities, we help prevent malnutrition, provide health awareness, and promote self-sustainability through education. We believe there should not be hunger in a world with more than enough food, resources, and technology to prevent it. Through community organizing and education we can help prevent famine and illness, and also empower communities to become more self-sustainable.

School Lunch Programs

We Build Africa organized a school lunch program in the western region of Ghana. Over 200 children were served tea, bread, and fried eggs at this event.

Community Health

Our mission is to take health services to communities' doorsteps free of charge.
Our mission is to bring health services to rural communities, free of charge.
Although humanity has the resources and technology to prevent it, tens of thousands of people still die of preventable illnesses each day. We believe humanity can do better.

We provide health screenings to rural communities and provide resources for the people to help themselves, and help each other.

We Build Africa Organization in collaboration with Kwamankese CHPS, organize free health screenings in a deprived area of the Central Region of Ghana

We provide health screenings for rural people without regular access to healthcare facilities. This includes education on when and how to take children to clinics, proper nutrition, and proper breastfeeding. We also provide medicine to treat malaria, and screen for other health maladies

Health Screenings During COVID-19 Pandemic

The We Build Africa Organization responded urgently to the COVID-19 pandemic by informing rural communities about how the deadly virus spreads and providing resources such as masks and hand sanitizer.

We need your support to do this regularly and to expand.