What we are Doing Now:


WBAO believes that African communities must take responsibility for our own collective health. We organize nurses, doctors, midwives, and other medical personnel in an effort to improve the health of the Ghanaian people through the following:

1. Community health workshops
2. Community health workers' training
3. Establishment of community health clinics

man in gray and red hoodie
man in gray and red hoodie

What we plan to do in the Future:


WBAO builds educational programs aimed at promoting general unity with the position of African self-reliance and self-determination as the key to genuine sustainable development. Concretely, we develop programs in the following areas:

1. Sustainable agriculture
2. Community health workers' training
3. Youth development and survival skills
4. Adult literacy programs

children sitting on chairs inside classroom
children sitting on chairs inside classroom

WBAO builds community farming and garden collectives in an effort to address the widespread food insecurity and poor health experience of deprived people around Africa. With an emphasis on collective work, skill-sharing, and sustainable practices, WBAO agricultural programs have the following objectives:

1. To increase the capacity of the African people to feed themselves and thereby decrease our dependence on outside forces.
2. To improve the overall health of the African countries by increasing access to high quality, organically grown produce
3. Creating a ready market for farm produce.
4. To create economic development

woman holding green grass
woman holding green grass

The benefits of these programs include:

  1. Healthier African communities

  2. Better birth outcomes

  3. Skills training

  4. Community empowerment

  5. Skill building

  6. Self-reliance

  7. Community involvement

We need your support to continue our mission. Help us bring empowerment and sustainability to deprived communities in Ghana. Help us make our vision of an empowered, sustainable, and egalitarian Africa a reality!