Who are we?

The We Build Africa Organization (WBAO) is a not-for-profit and non-partisan, non-governmental organization. WBAO exists to empower developing and under-served communities in Ghana to develop healthy lifestyles, build infrastructure, and promote self-sufficiency. We work towards the goal of a more equal and ecologically sustainable world, village by village.

WBAO was established in August of 2019 and is located in the Mfanteman District of Ghana, with plans to expand its services across Ghana and the whole of Africa as our community of supporters grows.

aerial-photography of city
aerial-photography of city

Mission Statements and Goals

Our mission is to create sustainable and self-sufficient communities by improving infrastructure and providing education. We empower people to improve their lives in order to change their communities and the world.


• Develop a family-centered environment that can provide information, support, advocacy and networking for families and their communities.

• To foster social equity by providing accessible and affordable programs.

• To improve the overall health of deprived communities by increasing access to high quality, organically grown produce.

• To lobby and advocate for fair policies and laws that affect the daily life of the deprived communities through research, networking and strategic alliance building.

• To increase the capacity of under-served communities to feed themselves.

• To promote economic development.

• To organize regular community health workshops.

• To establish community health clinics to serve rural areas in need.

We need your support to continue our mission. Help us bring empowerment and sustainability to deprived communities in Ghana. Help us make our vision of an empowered, sustainable, and egalitarian Africa a reality!